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Who we are

NGO Odyseus is professional organization active in Slovakia since 1997. Odyseus provides services for people who inject drugs, sex workers, young people and people living with HIV. With its activities, Odyseus contributes to social inclusion and the protection of public health.

Our mission is to participate in human rights monitoring and increasing the quality of life of vulnerable communities, mainly:

and to help them to regain their equal status in society.

Our vision is that people who use drugs, sex workers, young people, people living with HIV and other threatened communities will be equal members of the society and will actively take part in the life and policy of the state. Help and support systems will be created within the framework of the communities to prevent crisis situations and to fulfill their members´ needs.

Odyseus’ Values

The power of man

We believe each person is able to make decisions that lead towards positive change.


We believe each person has the right to access objective information and low threshold services.


We believe each person is an equal member of society. Human dignity and human rights cannot be taken away.

Respect and Acceptation

We believe each person is a unique being and has the right to self-determination, self-assertion and autonomous lifestyle.

The Power of the Community

We believe the communities have their own powers to solve problems.


We believe only professional service can help people.

What we do

Target groups

Odyseus runs 4 programs and 1 initiative

C.A. Odyseus provides a variety of services

Services which Odyseus provides are unique in Slovakia. Odyseus is one of the 4 harm reduction organizations in Slovakia which run a needle exchange program.


Correspondence address

C.A. Odyseus
Haanova 10
852 23 Bratislava

+421 2 524 94 344
E-mail: odyseus@ozodyseus.sk

Identification number: 31 788 734
Odyseus is registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic under no. VVS / 1-900 / 90-13648.
Trade Register Number: 110-162064.